Lex Justi offers services to further respect for human rights and to assist in the prevention and mitigation of adverse human rights impacts by businesses. In addition, we provide advice as to the design, structure and implementation of solutions to such impacts. Specifically, Lex Justi offers the following services:


human rights training on the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and on specific issues, such as: due diligence; respect for the rights of marginalized and disadvantaged persons, including minorities and indigenous peoples; and how to incorporate human rights into publicly available reports


research and analysis on specific issues related to business and human right

policy papers for advocacy on various topics

assistance with the presentation of information on respect for human rights, including in publicly available reports and on web-sites

support and guidance with the drafting of policy statements on human rights

Risk Assessment

formulation and implementation of a human rights impact assessment

incorporation of human rights into due diligence processes

Identification and Handling of Problems

formulation of grievance mechanisms

analysis of human rights problems and assistance in identifying and implementing potential solutions

thus assisting 
the client to:

ensure awareness and understanding of human rights principles and the relationship between such principles and the human dignity of individuals

Influence policies and actions of governments and businesses

demonstrate and document a commitment to human rights principles

assess the impact of activities on human rights

prevent and address adverse impacts on human rights


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